Annual Conferences


  • Healing Emotional Wounds Seminar for Women

  • Men of Courage Seminar

  • Destined for Greatness Youth Conference

  • Building Strong Families Conference




Building Strong Families Newsletter 

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Seminars and Workshops


Relationship Enrichment Seminar

  • Half-day seminar for couples. 

  • Provides practical tools and strategies for strengthening communication and trust in relationships.  

  • An opportunity to discuss the "tough issues" couples face.


Workshop for Women:  Strategies for Success

  • Two-hour workshop series just for women.
  • Sharing practical strategies for dealing effectively with issues women face in all areas of their lives.


Building Strong Families Seminar Series *

  • Building Blocks for a Strong Family:
    Laying the Foundation
  • Communicating in Strong Families:
    Straight Talk Without Wounding
  • Understanding Differences in Personality and Personal Styles in Strong Families
  • Building Trust in Strong Families
  • Restoring Trust in Strong Families:
    What to Do When Trust Has Been Broken
  • Dealing with Disagreements and Conflicts in Strong Families
  • Managing Stress in Strong Families
  • Coping with Disappointment, Discouragement, and Depression in Strong Families
  • Managing Finances
  • Having Peace in Strong Families
  • Building Cohesion and Support in Strong Families:
    Action Plan for Success
* Building Strong Families Seminars are offered as individual 2-hour sessions or can be combined to create a half day or full-day conference.