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Building Strong Families, Inc.

Building Strong Families, Inc. (BSF, Inc.) is a community-supported 501(c) nonprofit organization which serves our community by providing services for the entire family through conferences, seminars, support groups, as well as digital and printed publications.  Our vision is “strengthening families to help them be great.”  


We believe there is greatness in each family and BSF is committed to providing practical tools, strategies, and resources to educate, equip, empower, and strengthen families.


Since our nonprofit organization started in 2014, BSF, Inc. has positively impacted the community by using a comprehensive, holistic approach in providing services for the entire family.  

We have offered, at no cost to participants, the Healing Emotional Wounds Seminar for Women, the Time with My Sisters quarterly support group, the Men of Courage Seminar, and the Youth Strategies for Success Workshop focusing on employability skills.  Additionally, at nominal cost, we have offered the Women of Worth Conference and the Relationship Enrichment Seminar. 

We believe families are strengthened through physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and spiritual sustenance.  And therefore, our programs have focused on topics such as:  financial and health literacy, mental health awareness, career strategies and employability skills, and spiritual and emotional well-being.


Pauline Rivers, PhD

Founder and President

Our Vision

Strengthening families to help them be great...

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Our Mission
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Our Mission

Through conferences, seminars, support groups, and printed and electronic publications,  Building Strong Families, Inc. provides practical tools, strategies and resources to educate, equip, empower and strengthen families.

Our Team

Pauline M. Rivers, Ph. D., Founder and President

Claude R. Rivers, Vice President

Tonja Johnson, Secretary

Barbara Wholuba, Treasurer

Valarie Johnson, Director

Maritza Acosta, Director

Edwina Reddick, Director

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  • Healing Emotional Wounds Seminar for Women

  • Women of Worth (WOW) Conference

  • Men of Courage Seminar

  • Strategies for Success:  Workshops for Youth

  • Relationship Enrichment Seminar


  • Time with My Sisters

  •  Hanging with the Fella's

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  • Building Strong Families Seminar Series

  • Health Literacy:  Getting Fit and Staying Healthy

  • Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness:  Healthy and Whole

  • Financial Literacy:  Strategies for Financial Health

  • Employability Skills:  Finding a Job and Keeping a Job

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