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Our Programs

Through conferences, seminars, support groups, and printed and electronic publications, Building Strong Families, Inc. provides practical tools, strategies and resources to educate, equip, empower and strengthen families.

The Building Strong Families Seminar Series

Building Blocks for a Strong Family:  Laying the Foundation

Communicating in Strong Families:  Straight Talk without Wounding


Understanding Differences in Personality and Personal Styles in Strong Families


Building Trust in Strong Families


Restoring Trust in Strong Families:  What to Do When Trust Has Been Broken


Dealing with Disagreements and Conflicts in Strong Families


Managing Stress in Strong Families


Building Cohesion and Support in Strong Families:  An Action Plan for Success


Creating a Vision for the Family:  Family Vision Board Party

*The Building Strong Families seminars are offered as separate 2-hour sessions.

            Topics can be combined for ½ day or full-day conferences.


*We bring this series to you at your facility, or at the venue of your choice.

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